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Alessandro De Zanche

Alessandro De Zanche

ADZ Strategies founder
Flexibility and agility

Independent consultant and advisor

An independent expert who embeds himself with his media brand and retail clients, supporting the development of solid monetisation strategies, helping them to regain control of their revenues, most valuable assets and relationships, and navigating the technology and vendor universe with the goal of bringing their visions to life.

Tech & privacy as a competitive advantage

Technology and regulatory changes are disrupting the media, marketing and advertising sectors, but at the same time opening a wealth of new opportunities. Media owners can and must regain control of their assets and return to financial self-sustainability.

Future-proof business models

A unique opportunity to create future-proof business models that connect the dots between privacy, data, people, engagement, products and revenue in ways that work for everybody: the media platform and its audiences, customers, and advertising partners.

Stronger digital foundations

Leading change by rebuilding or strengthening a media owner's own digital foundations: data, privacy, subscriptions, advertising, user experience. Maximisation of assets' monetisation by making them work together and creating unique high quality propositions.

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Alessandro brings wisdom, experience and healthy provocation to the table, articulate in his diagnosis of issues as well as dependable in identifying new opportunity.
A vocal advocate of media owners taking control of their inventory & data supply-chains, ADZ is a dependable advisor for any asset owner navigating this rapidly-evolving global market.
Danny Spears
Chief Operating Officer, The Ozone Project
Alessandro possesses an uncanny ability to understand all the various moving parts of an increasingly complex digital marketing ecosystem and distil it down into clear and concise business strategies for his clients.
He’s never been afraid to challenge the norm, to voice an opinion or to point out a different way of doing or thinking about things with clients or internal stakeholders.
In a fast-changing world, where technology is transforming existing value chains, businesses need more Alessandros!
Richard Foster
Chief Revenue Officer, Infosum
Every time I have the pleasure of working with Alessandro, I am always left impressed with his creative approach and lateral thinking to problem-solving.
Chris Hogg
EMEA Managing Director, Lotame
Alessandro is not only one step ahead of the data economy at all times, but has a rare talent in his field of being able to communicate these industry leaps, strategies and technologies in digestible, friendly and hyper relevant ways. Also happens to be one of the nicest guys in media.
Oliver Lewis
Group MD & Founder, The fifth
Alessandro is a seasoned expert that profoundly understands the ins and outs of the (too) complex advertising ecosystem. But what I most admire is his passion for making this ecosystem fair and transparent, which is what currently is lacking.
Richard Benjamins
Chief AI & Data Strategist, Telefonica and author
Alessandro has a unique ability to understand where regulation and economics is taking the media ecosystem, and paint a clear vision for how the industry moves there without being burdened by old ways of working.
As regulation and platform changes close in, Alessandro is unafraid to speak the truth about the consequences, but also clearly articulates what every media owner, brand and ad-tech company needs to do to thrive through these changes. Alessandro has been a close advisor throughout our time building Permutive.
Joe Root
Co-founder and CEO, Permutive

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