Our Story

We believe that a modest lifestyle is a unique way of communication. It is not a trend but a new perspective of beauty and living. To be modest is to nurture and promote inclusivity. To live modestly is to welcome a different idea of beauty, embracing different lifestyles and cultures. Our wish to support and promote the modest lifestyle has given us an idea of starting a unique platform where designers, sellers and suppliers can come together and design one-of-a-kind modest fashion pieces, building their income and starting their business – moving the industry forward in a unique, inclusive direction.

The future of modest
fashion is the creative

Why shouldn’t each person be given an opportunity to express their unique modest worldview? We understand that each one of us has distinctive individual needs. We believe style is a reflection of attitude and character. Our wish is to support anyone in their need to show and fully embrace their unique personality.

Technology and
Modesty, your in to
global consumers

Pret A Cover is envisioned to be your silent partner who does all the hard work. Our mission is to enable talented individuals to start their own business through designing and selling modest fashion pieces and accessories from the comfort of their own home. We believe the future of retail is local and we are here to help you unlock your full potential.

What does it take to be
part of Pret A Cover?

Nothing more than a desire to create unique modest fashion pieces that you love! The first step is to sign up for early access, so once our platform is launched, you will be the first to know.