Areas and processes

Services: from auditing to implementation

Analysis and audit
Strategy definition
Strategy implementation
Team building and organisational setup

Auditing and analysis of:

Goals and objectives: clarity of goals and alignment of teams and objectives.
Collaboration and processes: maximisation and optimisation of the value of assets and resources.
Privacy: compliance but more importantly as a differentiator, a tool to enhance positioning and assets.
Assets: analysis of existing first-party assets, from individual data points to contextual elements.
Products: evaluation of audience-, client- and internal-facing products and services.

Taking the output of the audit as a starting point and a better understanding of goals, processes and current assets, two approaches are available to the client:

Vision delivery: strategic recommendations on short-, medium- and long-term approaches, challenges and opportunities are provided, included quick wins.
In-depth partnership: The end objectives are agreed on. A detailed strategy to achieve those objectives is defined, and a plan to deliver that strategy is developed.

Bringing the strategy to life: implementing processes; developing partnerships; integrating technology and platforms; setting up the teams that will support it.

The success of a strategy depends not only on the strength of the vision and the quality of the plan: the skills and attitude of the people who implement it are key. I can help with defining roles and leadership requirements.

The success of a strategy depends not only on the vision and its implementation, but also on the people bringing it to life and managing it, their skills, values and beliefs. I can bring my experience in hiring and leading teams (and consultants) in this space to support the whole recruiting process and team building.