Trend 2 - The “cookieless” web

The web of the future is not “cookieless”: it will be a “first-party cookie” web that must remain in control of media owners.

Psychologically, using the term “cookieless” says a lot about the industry’s perspective and approach — especially within ad tech, which envisions again a commoditised role for media owners and their first-party cookies. It is a grand plan to use the latter as a structure for a new version of the third-party cookie, once again utilising media owners’ assets to build the backbone of the environment while preventing them from being in the driving seat of a high-quality digital advertising ecosystem.

What would be a better way to persuade everybody, subconsciously or not, that the web must be rebuilt by replacing the third-party cookie with something that will maintain the same dynamics and power balance of an ecosystem that already failed media owners, audiences, and advertisers, long before the new privacy regulations were introduced and the third-party cookie started to crumble?

Media owners can rebuild a powerful vision starting from some basic pillars: the relationship with the audience, a long-term data strategy, and tighter partnerships with advertisers and other media brands.

I help media owners build first-party data and monetisation strategies with the goal of taking direct control of their assets and avoiding trends that would prevent them from fully realising their potential.